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24 April 2007


There was a time when only a certain girl had a hairstyling iron. One who took two hours to primp just for a trip to the grocery. Or one who really wanted to look like Jennifer Anniston circa 2003. Not so much anymore, though. Hair straighteners have seduced even the most practical females into paying $110 for 12 inches of metal.

The leading lady of the hair-iron industry is the CHI Hairstyling Iron. It’s sleek. It’s sophisticated. It can be purchased in Pepto Bismol pink. And it comes with an instruction manual, just in case users get confused en route to the perfect hairstyle.

The CHI heats up in 45 seconds, indicating its readiness by a blinking red light and burning smell. But the CHI will never make your hair look burnt. You’re safe with the CHI. Just don’t go against the instructions and use it while bathing or sleeping.

The CHI was designed for women who take their hair as seriously as their pedicures. But its market is changing. After showering at night, the low-maintenance woman can forgo blow drying or styling. Although she wakes up with a rat’s nest for hair, five minutes with the CHI and it’s as shiny and smooth as the day she got it cut. Which, for this woman, was probably a year ago.

-Krista Derbecker


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