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24 April 2007

Effie's Burlesque Show

Beer, sex, and laughter wafted from the Georgia Theater as Effie’s Club Follies charmed Athens in a naughty night of titillating entertainment.

The Effie’s troupe mimics the vaudeville style of traditional burlesque shows, but add a modern flair. Named after an old controversial Athens brothel that was burned to the ground, these women, along with a few men, have been dancing and stripping their way across the stages of the Southeast ever since. Their mission is to defend the silliness of sex in a society that often vilifies it. No auditions are necessary; the group accepts anyone who wants to lend their talents.

An enthusiastic and mostly male audience prepared themselves for the midnight show. They guzzled their 32-ounce beers, and eagerly awaited the moment when the ladies would take the stage. They clapped, stomped, and shouted with pleasure as women ranging from size 0-24 pranced across the stage, shimmying out of their clothes to reveal star shaped pasties and a rainbow of g-string panties.

The troupe made their way through renditions of popular songs and movies of decades past until almost 2 a.m. The ‘80s were revisited in a modern rendition of the movie Flashdance, as two bombshell brunettes danced around and sprayed water onto their bodies. Women with both buns of steel and cellulite ran around the stage as the gleaming fangs of a shark chomped at their g-strings, in an attack far sexier than anything seen in the Jaws trilogy. The Lord of the Rings couldn’t be left out of the movie madness. Two hairy-footed lady hobbits showed how they really get down in the Shire with a steamy make-out session. But entertaining as they were, the movie skits were upstaged by the “celebrity” guest appearances.

Anna Nicole Smith was reincarnated, parading onto the stage in a creamy Marilyn Monroe fashioned dress, which hugged her curves in all the wrong places. “Trimspa baby!” she screamed, opening a dozen tiny medicine bottles. A cascade of colorful pill shaped candies covered the floor, and she frantically fell to her knees, shoving handfuls of them into her mouth.

A pregnant Britney Spears carelessly bounced a baby doll on her hip, listening intently to pal Paris Hilton as she shared her advice on weight loss. Because “being fat and having babies is just so not hot,” the hotel heiress recommended Britney ditch motherhood and the extra pounds. They turn to an emaciated Nicole Richie, notorious dieting aficionado, who was able to emerge from her drug-induced daze only long enough to toss Paris a clear plastic bag. Clouds of white powder swirled around the trio. Perhaps inspired, several audience members excused themselves to the bathrooms, returning minutes later giggling and conspicuously touching their noses.

Audacious, well-performed, and sexy, the Effie’s entourage combined just the right amount of humor, dancing, and scandal, providing a downright “effin” good time.

-Jacqueline Lintz


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