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Review Rendezvous

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26 April 2007

What We're About...

With aspirations of being a generation of fabulous American journalists, we've created "Review Rendezvous," with late-breaking coverage of incredibly serious topics ranging from chick lit to cheese, Paint-By-Number sets to professional art, and "Grey's Anatomy" to gyrating dancers. Here at "Rendezvous" we stick to the main principle of critiquing: always attempting to hold a mirror up to life. Our mirror is a jeweled compact and we’re holding it up to anything in pop culture that catches our eyes. So come check out the scoop on books, restaurants and TV shows—we wouldn’t write anything that wasn’t worth your time to read.


  • At April 28, 2007 at 8:06 PM, Blogger Derbecker said…

    Looks interesting, Canadian observer with an interest in US politics. And weirdly enough, it was like this blog had my name on it.


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